Control budgets and payments​

Everything keeps changing !

How to keep track?

OK.  You have quoted on the project, won the contract, and now you need to set, manage and control your budget and your expenditure against that budget.  If there were no contract variations, client-requested variations, reallocations of costs, and if there was no necessity to hold portions of sub-contractor payments as retentions to ensure satisfactory performance, and if there are only a couple of sub-contractors, or if it’s the only job you’ve got, then it should be reasonably straightforward and easy.

But in reality, all of these factors do come into it, so it’s a constant juggle. It quickly becomes impossible to know from day to day how the project’s budget is being met and what the constantly changing forecast cost to complete might be.

4Cast Pro manages all of this in an easy-to-use quick-entry application that lives and breathes the project with you.

Forecast cost to ontrol – in real time, all the time​

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