Forecast cost to control in real time, all the time.

Fast, secure, easy, beautiful.

4Cast Pro is your best solution for project costing management in the building/construction industry

4Cast Pro gives your business the power to manage and view all of your project cost, contract and variation information in real time, in multiple locations, with optimal access and security. Get instant visibility of cost-to-complete for any project or project component

4Cast Pro is purpose-built in Australia for costing management and forecasting, also with superior sub-contractor management capabilities.

Project cost control – nothing more, nothing less – for project managers and for subcontractors in the building industry.

4Cast Pro

Cloud-based construction cost control and reporting. Manage your projects’ subcontractors, variations, contract extensions, retentions and payments, and at all times know your project’s realtime forecast cost to complete.

4Cast Pro for Subcontractors

Cloud-based construction contract management. Quickly and easily keep track of your jobs’ contacts, variations, contract extensions, retentions and payment claims, and at all times be compliant with Security of Payments requirements.

The perfect solution for your construction industry cost control needs.

What 4Cast Pro does…

Forecast cost to complete

See actual and forecast costs against budget – in real time. Identify cost overruns when you still have a chance to correct them.

Contract management

Manage head contract and subcontract variations with confidence.  Organise and track potential and current sub-contractors.

Subcontractor payments

Know you have paid every subcontractor correctly, and know how much retention you are holding.  Link all of this into your accounting system. And if you are a subcontractor, we now have 4Cast Pro for Subcontractors.

Change control

Keep track of subcontractor issues, variances, delays and extensions, and ensure that all commercial and statutory requirements are recorded and managed.

$3 billion in projects managed

30 years of continual development while being used by some of Australia’s leading construction groups in over $30 billion of successful projects.

Comprehensive reporting

Get consolidated management information for one or all projects at the press of a button. 4Cast Pro lets you get this information in one report – or drill down for more detail.